Postcards – By Annie Proulx

Posted by Stevie

When an act of violent passion uproots Loyal Blood from his quiet farming life he must keep moving, keep driving, keep away from where it all began.

Alone, furious and revolted with himself, Loyal spends his life driving away from his mistakes and constantly paying for them. The only thing that remains the same is his loneliness and his one-sided correspondence to a family with little option but to move on, no matter what the consequences.

Annie Proulx’s Postcards is a deeply unsettling but wonderful read. It’s magnificent in its quiet ability to appal and move the reader, slowly and calmly spanning year after year, as each unanswered postcard appears.

As a letter writer myself, it deeply upset me to see postcard after postcard sent with never an inkling of a return address. For over 40 years Loyal goes on assuming the home he abandoned remains just as he left it. His lack of connection, or moreover his lack of desire for connection, is dealt with expertly in the hands of Annie Proulx, whose ability to mould not just one person but a whole family of characters appears to flow so naturally off the page.

Despite the overriding sense of increasing loneliness, Postcards is full of unexpected humour, almost cinematic visuals, and honey cake – boy was I obsessed with honey cake whilst reading this book – that make this an absolute pleasure to read.


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With some honey cake, preferably made by HC’s Parastou (trust me, it’s yummy cake), and tumbleweed.


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Genre: Literary Fiction
Paperback ISBN: 9781841155012
ebook ISBN: 9780007385553


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