How to Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy recipes for natural remedies and beauty fixes – By James Wong

Posted by Charlotte:

Who doesn’t want to become an able hobbyist? Oh no – well perhaps Grow Your Own Drugs is not for you. But if it is a noble pursuit that you hear the call for, then read on. Grasp this ebook and perhaps set yourself a natural remedy a month, maybe begin with the rose petal lip balm? Winter evenings are about to become a lot more fruitful.

I started with James Wong’s body scrub, which when the oil was infusing with fresh mint and eucalyptus emitted such a delicious smell I almost went to drizzle it over some ice cream. I remembered not to and got my giant glass jar out and set about pouring a great deal of sea salt out. Most of the ingredients for this can be found in your local market or supermarket but for the eucalyptus I popped into the florist, which is knee-deep in this naturally fragrant ‘filler’. All winter skin gone and replaced with silken skin from the lingering oil that sinks in. A winner.

This remedy spurred me on and I felt that the valerian hot chocolate (in the depths of February) would do as promised – be calming. Nestled into a large arm chair with this velvety concoction I found that it was utterly calming. Wong advocates chocolate whole-heartedly; he is scientific in his understanding of this feel-good substance, an excellent sign of character.

Now for the more medicinal remedies. Imagine yourself to be a talented amateur apothecary, be at one with salves, balms, syrups and see if Grow Your Own Drugs has a remedy for you. If you have an indiscreet post-meal stomach-based reaction to food then there is a (no laughing) four winds tea which sounds like the business. If you can’t sleep, have feet that defy circulation (in this weather yes!) then Wong has an excellent recipe at the fore. Read, create and hand out rose petal lip balm generously.


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With some valerian hot chocolate, a defiant sense of the natural hobbyist flourishing within you and of course, with your feet in a warming foot bath.


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