Pear Shaped – By Stella Newman

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If you’ve had enough of Lent’s sacrifices – or if, like me, you didn’t bother with giving anything up in the first place – Pear Shaped is the perfect treat to indulge in. Sophie Klein is a pudding developer (best job ever?) and so the storyline is rather dessert-focused, with long luscious descriptions of trifles, custards, tarts and pastries. This is the book which introduced me to Compost Cookies, disgusting-sounding but delicious-tasting sweet and salty cookies which I am forever being nagged to make by colleagues.

I digress.

Pear Shaped begins as standard chick lit fare: boy meets girl, boy woos girl, romance ensues. James Stephens is tall, handsome, mature, and … well, rich, and Sophie thinks she’s found her perfect man. But when James lets slip that he’s used to dating underwear models and thinks Sophie could stand to lose a pound or two, the dream shatters and Sophie falls to pieces.

It’s hard to be a dessert developer when you’re worried about your weight, and the addition of Sophie’s cost-cutting, low-cal-over-taste manager means she’s soon at breaking point. Will her customers end up eating soy fat-free cherry-cinnamon yoghurt instead of raspberry-vanilla custard trifle? Let’s hope not.

If all the puddings have piqued your appetite (and if you say they haven’t then you’re lying) then the book handily contains Stella’s recommendations on where to find the best treats in both London and New York. I am very seriously considering a trip to New York just for a slice of Crack Pie. And if that’s still not enough, Avon’s Facebook page hosts a Compost Cookie recipe, and Stella blogs frequently about all things delicious (see here).

I really want some maple-syrup custard now.


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Genre: Women’s Fiction
Paperback ISBN: 9781847562708
ebook ISBN: 9780007457694


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