The Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home – by Tarek Malouf

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As the self-proclaimed office baker, baking-blogger and general foodie of the Never-Ending Library team – you can imagine my excitement when the Hummingbird Bakery released their newest recipe book. The Hummingbird Bakery books was the first recipe book I ever had (sad – isn’t it?) and is actually the very same book that started off the baking-blog. This means that they are also to blame for everyone’s expanding waistlines as I thrust cupcakes into their hands, whilst talking their ears off about the dangers of opening oven doors before the cooking time is over.

I was once cynical about buying more than one recipe book from the same chef/bakery – what could they offer that was completely different? In this case, they offer recipes for marshmallows, Eton-mess cupcakes, roulades and a whole plethora of other goodies. But the absolute best thing the ‘Home Sweet Home’ has to offer is … FUDGE! My absolutely favourite sweet thing in the world, and now I know how to make it (insert evil cackle here).

If the idea of making fudge (wow!) isn’t enough to get you as excited about this book as I am, as was the case for some other members of the team (cough … Lawrence … cough); then the only way to get you excited is to actually bake something from it. That’s exactly what I did; I made the Maple & Walnut Streusel Cake and brought it into work. The sudden appearance of ‘visitors’ to the digital kitchen and the fight that ensued over the last piece is pretty good evidence that the Hummingbird Bakery are still the Kings (or Queens?!) of sweet treats. Don’t believe me? Check out the cake and tell me you wouldn’t want a slice!

But let’s put aside the beautiful pictures and the amazing recipes aside for a second – what I love most about ‘Home Sweet Home’ is the ease of the recipes. There have been so many times that a recipe has said to throw all the ingredients in and I end up disappointed when what I get is not what the picture shows. But this book offers a concise step-by-step guide and I can guarantee that you will 9 times out of 10 get the same result as the pictures. It also has a really great ‘Baking Essentials’ section with hints and tips about mixing ingredients, opening oven doors, even frosting cupcakes in the famous Hummingbird Bakery way.

To sum up – if you love baking, or just want to look super impressive when you hand out beautifully decorated and mouth-wateringly tasty cupcakes to all your friends, then you need to get this book.


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With a cup of tea, covered in flour and icing sugar and with a delectable cupcake in your hand that you have made.


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Genre: Cookbook
Paperback ISBN: 9780007413591
ebook ISBN: 9780007413607


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