Author Spotlight: Trisha Ashley

I’ve never been the biggest fan of chick-lit; I guess I’m too much into my cars, gangster films and kung-fu to be able to truly connect to romantic, girly stories.  Don’t get me wrong, I love chic-flicks and am strangely addicted to historical romance, but the modern-day stories have never really caught my eye….

…Until I read Trisha Ashley’s ‘Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues’.  It was one of the first books I proofread at work and I absolutely loved it.  Trisha hits all my girly weak spots: a dark, almost twisted sense of humour, an addiction to shoes and baking.

Since then, I have become somewhat of a Trisha Ashley aficionado and haven’t quite been able to stop reading her books. She has written eleven contemporary romantic novels, three of which have consecutively hit the Sunday Times Top Ten, which is proof in my eyes that the world agrees with me.

Ashley’s humour and beautifully descriptive writing really bring her stories to life. Her focus food, flowers and friendship are what make these books so addictive; so much so that she managed to achieve the impossible – she completely converted an anti-chick-lit reader like me.


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