About Us

All of the contributors to this blog work in the digital department of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Jumbled and error strewn ebooks fall through our door and, after some expert tinkering, fly out in pristine condition.

As we spend a great deal of our time closely reading a large number of books from the HarperCollins back catalogue, we decided to set up this blog to write about some of our favourites.


Meet the EQA team:


Addicted to baking, food, music, dance and books; Parastou’s taste in books is as eclectic as her taste in music. She loves all things fantasy, historical fiction, and generally anything with a little drama, feminism, romance, and magic thrown in. Her bag is always filled with her trusted e-reader and at least one paperback (just in case the battery runs out!).


Lawrence’s main interests include rocking out, dressage and shoddy beard growth. When taking a break from these manly activities he enjoys a jolly good read. He is partial to a bit of gothic literature, fantasy, and the irreverent works of Hunter S Thomson, however if enough people recommend something (and if it has an awesome enough cover) you can be damn sure that he’ll read it.


Robin loves the west country, surfing, music festivals and dogs. His favourite books are North of Boston by Robert Frost, Another Time by W. H. Auden, and the novels of William Golding.


A Cornish farmer by birth, Andrew was lured by boyhood tales of a fabled city far to the east. He now strives to pursue his hobbies for a living; reading, writing and computer-ma-bobbing. Now and then the call of the wild drags him home to milk the teat of Mother Nature and sell it to the processing arm of the Milk Marketing Board.


A bit of a gadget geek, Susanna is at her happiest testing out new bits of tech. She loves reading classic crime novels and thrillers, collecting cookery books, going to gigs and watching her beloved QPR play.


Self-acclaimed workaholic who still finds time to read loads of sci-fi and fantasy novels. She is also addicted to coffee and loves to bake delicious, usually chocolate-based, cakes.


Abi likes literary fiction, crime fiction, and anything with a medieval bent. If she’s not at her desk, she’s probably running, dancing, or flicking through shiny magazines.



And let’s not forget our guest bloggers:


Fanatical about all things book-related, Fliss is a big fan of women’s literary fiction, picture books and YA novels – but adores anything that has a strong narrative voice. Fliss loves going to gigs, dozing in parks and drinking copious amounts of tea.


An avid crafter, letter writer and gig goer, Stevie loves anything twee and colourful. She can often be found with her nose in a children’s book, and loves to daydream over recipe books she knows she’ll never use!


Bartley fell into Publishing by chance and is still here 10 years later. When not looking after the operational aspects of HC’s digital publishing, Bartley tries to make the most of living in London by going to exhibitions, attending the ballet and even hiking all the way around it (ask him, he’ll bore you about it!). While primarily a reader of non-fiction, his favourite fiction author is the sadly recently departed Gore Vidal. Favourite HC authors are Tracy Chevalier and Patrick Gale.


Charlotte’s bag is pretty much the strong literary fiction that takes over your life. The books that make you an annoying person to be around due to endless ‘awesome’ segues you make between whatever is being said and what you are reading. If the protagonist is delightfully weak or unimaginably robust – just alive on the page – then she’s in. Charlotte also loves obsessing about niche non-fiction, with breathtaking research and minute detail she loves to hear from the experts.


Loves a good brew and is your main man for making a round of tea! Kieran loves horror, gothic literature, the classics and cult fiction as well as reading about real people and their experiences.


When she isn’t busy playing board games or taking part in film marathons, Emma loves to escape into the world of literature. With historical fiction, YA fantasy and women’s literary fiction being particularly prominent on her bookshelf.


The Never-Ending Library is run by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd employees about the books published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. that we have read and love.