Why Europe Will Run the 21st Century – By Mark Leonard

Posted by Bartley: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary So, the question that UK politicians cannot stop raising is on the front pages again: Europe – Should we be in or out? I’m reminded of a book I read a few years back and which was published as an ebook for the first time in Summer 2011. I […]

The God of Small Things – By Arundhati Roy

Posted by Abi: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary “They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all tampered with the laws that lay down who should be loved, and how. And how much.” Twins Rahel and Estha return to live with their grandmother and great aunt following the breakdown of their parents’ marriage. A series of inconsequential-seeming decisions, […]

Juice Yourself Slim – By Jason Vale

Posted by Stevie:  Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary New Year, New You, New Juicer. That’s right folks, I’m thinking of juicing myself slim, or you know, into a healthier state of being… But why Stevie? Because dear reader, I like smoothies. And the thought of dieting through a straw adds a little extra glitz don’t you think? […]

Wuthering Heights – By Emily Brontë

Posted by Parastou: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with a book? You could be reading a horrifically sad story, where everything goes wrong and gets worse the more you read; but there’s something that keeps you going? That’s how I felt when reading Wuthering Heights. It’s one of those classics […]

Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days – By Tarek Malouf

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary ‘Tis the season to be greedy’ … so don your festive apron and have a go at baking some treats from the Hummingbird Cake Days cookbook this Christmas. This baking bible is adorned with impossibly beautiful and mouth-watering images of various calorific delights. The chapters are conveniently divided into […]

Letters From Father Christmas – By J.R.R. Tolkien

 Posted by Charlotte: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Charming doesn’t quite cover it for me on this one.  I first listened to Derek Jacobi reading this on ‘my first sony’, (I still have the cassette tapes) and what a magnificent actor to give voice to Tolkien’s living, breathing, letter-writing and present-giving Father Christmas. His voice shifts from wilful […]

A Christmas Carol – By Charles Dickens

Posted by Charlotte: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary When someone asks you what you’re reading, say a ‘novella in five staves’ and watch them be impressed. A Christmas Carol is such a novella and one that should be read for its hilarity, delight and true festiveness.  I watched the ultimate transformation of the misanthropic Scrooge to joy-filled merry […]

Author Spotlight: JRR Tolkien

  My introduction to JRR Tolkien came at the age of seven, when my Dad read The Hobbit to me. He was not a man inclined to mimic characters when reading, but something about that particular story transformed him (in his mind at least) into a multi-talented voice artist. Though his repertoire was a bit […]

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas – By Agatha Christie

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Curl up this Christmas with a mince pie, steaming mug of mulled wine, your e-reader of choice and dive in to this baffling whodunit. Arguably literature’s finest sleuth, the idiosyncratic Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is a treasured gem of the murder mystery genre. In this Christmas special he assists […]

North and South – By Elizabeth Gaskell

Posted by Stevie: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Be warned, this ebook was reviewed by a hopeless romantic who enjoys wearing British cotton, and only British cotton. For those of you who long for more than the niceties of Jane Austen but still love a good period classic then Gaskell is the author for you. Set in […]

Robinson Crusoe – By Daniel Defoe

Posted by Bartley: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Robinson Crusoe is in every sense of the word, a classic. As a tale, it has inspired and influenced western culture to the point of cliché: the survivor on the tropical island has been played out in dozens of formats from Lost to Gilligan’s Island; it echoes in the […]

e-Q&A With Lawrence

Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary   You know us from our eclectic reviews, our intriguing Facebook statuses and our weird and wonderful tweets – but how much do you really know about us and what it’s like be an EQA’er? Here’s what Lawrence had to say …   1: Name: Lawrence Hall 2:  Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ High Modernism/ Teen […]

The Necklace – By Cheryl Jarvis

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary “In the end, a diamond necklace did make a statement, not about wealth and status, but about the needs that cross cultures and link generations, the connections that transcend time and place…” When I was first given this title to EQA, I assumed it was fiction – so astonishing […]

e-Q&A With Stevie

Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary   You know us from our eclectic reviews, our intriguing Facebook statuses and our weird and wonderful tweets – but how much do you really know about us and what it’s like be an EQA’er? Here’s what Stevie had to say …   1: Name: Stevie 2:  Genre: Children’s 3: What are you EQA’ing […]

ebook giveaway! Hilary Mantel – Beyond Black

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary The never-ending library Twitter page @ebooks101 are giving away a free apple iBook of Beyond Black, one of Hilary Mantel’s hidden gems. Simply follow and retweet for your chance to win. Beyond Black is a world of the beyond. Turn away from the saccharine side of magic and feel the […]

The Hobbit – By J R R Tolkein

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary This book needs no introduction. It is quite simply one of the most wonderfully enchanting, touching and exhilarating fantasy novels of all time. It is very much a case of curiosity (nearly) killed the cat for the inquisitive Bilbo Baggins, as he, at first somewhat reluctantly, embarks on a […]

Pinocchio – By Carlo Collidi

Posted by Charlotte: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Oh Pinocchio you poor thing! Not a thing at all, sorry Pinocchio, poor quasi-human marionette who’s wrestling with existential and Kantian morality issues. Make no mistake – bad things happen to Pinocchio … Like Grimm, this is a darker-saturated incarnation of magic than the fairytales we’re so familiar with, […]

Step-By-Step Tarot – by Terry Donaldson

Posted by Kieran: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary I always thought tarot reading was an art reserved for mystics and fortune tellers, people who possess that innate gift of intuition that can’t be taught but instead is nurtured as it is passed down through the ages. I must admit, it was something I was a little wary […]

e-Q&A with Emma

Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary     You know us from our eclectic reviews, our intriguing Facebook statuses and our weird and wonderful tweets – but how much do you really know about us and what it’s like be an EQA’er? Here’s what Emma had to say …   1: Name: Emma 2:  Genre: historical fiction/literary fiction 3: What […]

Self-Hypnosis: The Key to Success and Happiness – By Valerie Austin

Posted by Kieran: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary We’re all acquainted with the image of the stage hypnotist: that stereotypically eccentric, mind-controlling figure, who swings a pendulum in one hand, ‘bamboozles’ his subject with his eyes, and forces them to unwillingly act in an outrageous and often embarrassing fashion. He’ll always have the poor victim pandering to […]