All Cheeses Great and Small – By Alex James

 Posted by Robin: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary ‘All Cheeses Great and Small’ tells the story of how Alex James, the former bassist of Brit pop band Blur, made the transition from rock-star to (self-declared) bad farmer. In this memoir James muses on his love for the Cotswolds and newly discovered passion for making cheese. His previous […]

Endal – By Allen Parton and Sandra Parton

Posted by Kieran: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary While serving as a naval officer in the Gulf, Allen Parton finds his life drastically changes forever when he is involved in a car accident. After waking in hospital, he finds that not only has he lost the use of his legs but vast fragments of his memory have […]

Redemption Song: The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer – By Chris Salewicz

Posted by Lawrence: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary What stands Salewicz’s book apart from the many other musician biographies that I have read is the evident personal connection that he shared with his subject. Instead of starting at the beginning of Strummer’s life, the book opens with his tragic death.  Salewicz gives a moving account of the […]

Bob Marley: The Untold Story – By Chris Salewicz

Posted by Fliss: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary “My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.” — Bob Marley I’m not a fan of reggae music … there, I admit it. So shoot me. Thus the prospect of […]