Gallows Thief – By Bernard Cornwell

Posted by Parastou: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary The saying goes ‘never judge a book by its cover’; OK then, I’ll judge it by its title: The Gallows Thief: literally – a person who robs the gallows of victims to hang.  Sold! This was another audiobook I was lucky enough to proofread (or proof-listen to, as Emma […]

Read With Us! The Sky is Falling – By Sidney Sheldon

Posted by Abi: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary The first title you can Read With Us! is from the inimitable Sidney Sheldon. He’s the author of numerous fast-paced and suspense-filled thrillers, as well as the brains behind TV shows including The Patty Duke Show, I Dream of Jeannie and Hart to Hart. With cliff-hangers on every page, this is […]

Death Comes AsThe End – By Agatha Christie

Posted by Parastou: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Before I can talk about this book I have to make a confession … I had never read an Agatha Christie book before. The shame of it! Her books have always been on my ‘to read’ list but I’ve never gotten round to actually reading one.  So you can imagine […]

Tell Me Your Dreams – By Sidney Sheldon

Posted by Kieran: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary This psychological thriller kept me poised on the edge of my seat, turning the pages frantically, while I grappled to solve the mystery that lies at its core. From acclaimed author, Sidney Sheldon, Tell Me Your Dreams is a crime novel with a twist like no other. The story […]