Dragon Danger / Grasshopper Glue – Scoular Anderson

Posted by Parastou: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary There is only one thing I like better than a great book … two great books wrapped up in one! And that’s exactly what you get with this magical children’s ebook. I got to work on Dragon Danger & Grasshopper Glue by pure chance but I am so glad […]

House of Many Ways – By Diana Wynne Jones

Posted by Parastou: Tweet Back #neverendinglibrary Stevie would normally be your ‘go to’ person for children’s books – she absolutely loves them.  Well, all I have to say after reading this book is … step back Stevie, I’m the new children’s fan! This book is chaotically magical and a great read for any age group. Charmain […]