In our reviews, we lovely people in the ebooks team will give you our thoughts and musings on the books we have read.  Browse all genres from all eras – there’s something for everyone, so we’ll be sure to help you uncover books to be passionate about!

For your reading pleasure and ease we have categorised reviews into the following entertaining groups:

 Retro Reads:

Be transported to a time before the mobile phone, where aerobics and rubik’s cubes were all the rage.

Hidden Gems:

Dug out, buffed up and made shiny again, rediscover that hidden gem.

Be My Read:

Be swept off your feet and bring a tickle to your throat with these adorable heart thumping reads.

Grizzly Reads:

Intrepid Grizzly reads only those books that grip you with suspense and grit. He likes crossing frontiers and is well-equipped for survival (he loves Kendal mint cake). Grrrr adventure.

Twee Reads:

Like a comfy cardigan (with only a few moth holes) this is the read that will take you to a place where crochet is cool!

Travels in Time:

Be transported back and forth to the blood thirsty hallways of the Elizabethan court, to the primitive Neolithic age, or perhaps even the bomb-strewn streets of London.

Epic Reads:

Narratives that alter you. Universal in their impact, these reads resonate with you long after the last page.

Young Minds:

If you’re young at heart and prefer tales of wonder to those dreary grown-up books, never fear we have our very own young minds at HCHQ.


Knowledge is Power:

Furnish your brain with a multitude of views, ideas and advice. Invigoration through exploration.